Thunderbolt Force Rotary Tattoo Machine - SILVER

Aircraft aluminum

Swiss Motor

Input voltage: 0-12volt DC   Working Voltage: 4-7.5V

Power connections: RCA & Clip cord

Rpm range Stitches / Sec: 0-6000rpm / min 0-100 / sec

Max. tube diam: 08mm  

Max. needle size: 50magnum

Weight: 100 grams

Dimensions LXBXH: 95X75X20 mm

Color Available: BLACK & SILVER

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 Thunderbolt Force Rotary Machine DESCRIPTION & TECHNICAL SEPCS

 The Thunderbolt Force is generation 1 new tattoo machine of the Transformer Series. This new drive system is designed by Jonny Qiong which is a USA tattoo artist of 22 years. It is versatile at the upper push rod with 2 springs. There is a set screw at the top to control these 2 springs or tighten all the way down for maximum pushing force. You can also remove the top spring in the push rod and use the adjustable coil machine spring in the armature bar.

 This machine is first completely designed to keep giving the tattoo artists more and more control of tension and throw like the coil machines but the consistency of the rotary machines that new artists expect these days. Coil machines and rotary machines with adjustable tension tend to bind up and stop running, but after testing this machine it is free of this binding.

 Most rotary machines these days are fixed at 2- 4mm throw and hit very hard, which is good for tribal or big color fill, this machine will give basically unending options of adjustability depending on how the artist needs to approach pieces like portraits or animals, Much thought has gone into how it works.

 Aircraft aluminum

 Swiss Motor

 Input voltage: 0-12volt DC Working Voltage: 4-7.5V

 Power connections: RCA & Clip cord

 Rpm range Stitches / Sec: 0-6000rpm / min 0-100 / sec

 Max. tube diam: 08mm

 Max. needle size: 50magnum

 Weight: 100 grams

 Dimensions LXBXH: 95X75X20 mm

 Color Available: BLACK & SILVER

 We produce machines with revolutionary technology to make tattooist works easier!


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